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Officer Michael Bloom
Unit Leader

What is Community Policing?

Community policing is a philosophy that promotes and supports organizational strategies to address the causes and reduce the fear of crime and social disorder through problem solving and community-police partnerships.

A fundamental shift from traditional, reactive policing, community policing stresses the prevention of crime and other quality of life issues before they occur. We believe that the core component of community policing is the partnership between our officers and the people they serve. This partnership is vital in maintaining the quality of life we have come to enjoy here in Chatham Township.

In order to increase this partnership between our officers and residents, the township has been divided into ten Community Policing districts. Each district is assigned one officer who acts as the direct contact for the residents within his or her district.

Through email, officers provide residents within their district the most current information regarding local crime and concerns throughout the township, as well as safety and crime prevention tips during the year.

To learn more about this program, please contact Officer Michael Bloom at EMAIL

District Officers (click on the officer name to send an email to that officer)

#1. Officer Lampf            (973) 377-0100 Ext. 569
#2. Officer Lattoz          (973) 377-0100 Ext. 549
#3. Officer Kelly          (973) 377-0100 Ext. 574
#4. Officer McGrath        (973) 377-0100 Ext. 571
#5. Officer Bloom       (973) 377-0100 Ext. 551
#6. Officer Anderson          (973) 377-0100 Ext. 568
#7. Officer Schulz           (973) 377-0100 Ext. 573
#8. Officer Dougherty      (973) 377-0100 Ext. 575
#9. Officer Sawyer     (973) 377-0100 Ext. 543
#10.Officer Giordano (973) 377-0100 Ext. 570
#11. Officer Manning   (973) 377-0100 Ext. 572

(Commercial Businesses)

Please use this PDF MAP to identify your district officer and let him/her know you want to join the team. 

Police Districts Map