Investigation Division 

The Investigations Division of the Chatham Township Police Department investigates crimes committed within the Chatham Township community. The Investigation Division's primary function is to identify and apprehend criminal offenders. Detectives assigned to the Investigations Division handle a variety of investigations, including but not limited to: financial crimes, computer crimes, burglaries, narcotics and juvenile matters.

The investigative process often involves a coordinated effort among local, state and/or federal law enforcement agencies. Detectives assigned to this division also work closely and cooperatively with other members of the police agency, as well as members of the community, to bring investigations to a successful conclusion.

The Investigative Division, consisting of three detectives, each specialize in specific areas of law enforcement. These detectives are assigned to the division full time to handle all investigations and evidence that result from criminal cases.

If you have any information regarding criminal activity, or information on a prior crime, please contact the Investigations Division Tip Hotline at (973) 377-6928